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Viska - Creative One Page WordPress Theme - Free Download

Viska - Creative One Page WordPress Theme
Viska - Creative One Page WordPress Theme just come in here and select a little over half of the content on this line. Copy that. And then back to our design, and let's paste in our text. Now sometimes you might see some redraw issues happening inside of Sketch, so I can see here that when I click away, the vertical columns here are now showing as orange. So if you do see something happening like this, you can always go back to Layout Settings. The color got set orange, we can come back and change this back to gray.

UPDATE v1.9 (2 June, 2015)
- update TGM plugin to version 2.5.0
- Press Return. We can also come in here a

For the color, let's come in here and set this to a medium gray. So I'll grab the icon here, drag it all the way to the left, and then slide it up and down, this will give us a whole series of different gray values. So I'll just drag this down to all of the values being 153. So now with that in place, let's go back to the Insert Panel, let's add another text block. So let's click and drag here. Now to add a beginning quote character, we'll hold the Option key, Left Bracket, then we'll select this.

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