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Max Mag - Responsive Wordpress Magazine Theme

Max Mag - Responsive Wordpress Magazine Theme
You want to scale this down and I want to get this so we have the large ball here, showing about halfway, just touching the corner over here. Then I'll scale this down from the top. I want to make sure we can see some of the couches over here on the right. Then I'll move this up so I'm getting the cropping on the light that I want, in the upper left hand corner. Now I'll move my artboard over a little bit. Let's come back and turn our layout settings on again. Max Mag - Responsive Wordpress Magazine Theme s fully-responsive, retina-ready and Compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress. It also includes a “sticky” menu bar, a slider on each category page, 5 different ad units (including a wallpaper and mobile ad), a drag-and-drop homepage, 16 custom widgets, secondary feature headlines, SEO friendly and so much more!

v2.6 – March 26, 2016
  • Fixes bug with Theme Options caused by Wordpress 4.4 update
  • Updates title tag code to comply with Wordpress 4.0+
  • Updates Theia Post Slider to latest version (1.9.15)
Max Mag - Responsive Wordpress Magazine Theme intro
Max Mag - Responsive Wordpress Magazine Theme style
Let's insert a text block. We'll line this up with the top of the image mask. Click and drag, we'll drag this out to be the width of six columns. Then we'll type inside, Creating a Modern Atmosphere. I'll set this in Open Sans, bold. We'll set the size to 32. Set the color to white. Make sure the line spacing is set to 43.

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