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Travelo - Travel/Tour Booking WordPress Theme - Free Download

Travelo - TravelTour Booking WordPress Theme
Travelo – Travel/Tour Booking Wordpress Theme v1.6.0 Update on march 8 2016 is one of the best hotel & tour booking wordpress theme in the world. in this theme has not only great skin and layout, I just want to share a few general web design tips around performance. Things that might be helpful later on. One of the first things I suggest to people when they design websites is, if you're going to build a bigger site or work with a team it'll probably be a good idea to do something called Wireframe. Now you can do this in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, any program you have, and Wireframe is essentially kind of how things interact. The hierarchy of contents, how things are going to generally work or look on a page, but it doesn't technically include things like fonts, colors, the actual design elements necessarily, okay.

UPDATE v1.6.0 on March 8 2016

- fixed currency issue
- fixed some shortcodes and Visual Composer issue
- fixed some javascript issue

Travelo - Travel/Tour Booking WordPress Theme - Free Download

We can delete content, move content around pretty easily. The whole idea is we're trying to get the idea of where things are going to work and how they're going to work together. There's a lot of examples of this, like Wireframes CC, a big one is Axure, so you can use this one. A lot of bigger companies will actually use this.

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