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True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine  

True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine
True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine is a modern and clean WordPress theme for video blog, video portfolio and magazine. We build this responsive video theme with the best practices of UI and UX as well as SEO. Now, we're going to add some content into our new wordpress website, and I want to space all of that content in three even columns. So, I'm going to come up here and zoom out. Move the art board to the center. And on the toolbar, I'm going to come over here to the View menu. I'm going to click on this and come down and choose Show Layout. And now, on the art board, we can see all of these vertical columns here. Now, to make these match the art board we're working with, let's go back to the View menu. Let's come down and choose Layout Settings. Now, in here, I can change the Width of all of the columns, the number of columns, the Offset, the Gutter and the Column Width.
TrueMag 4.2.4 – 2016.02.26
includes Visual Composer 4.10; Cactus Video (TrueMag Playlist) 1.1.2; Video Ads
  • #Fix: order by Likes in Series page
  • #Fix: 2 Most Viewed Posts widgets
  • #Fix: Quick View doesn’t work in Big Detail 1 Column layout
  • #Fix: XSS exploit in search
  • #Fix: unable to hide Related Videos in Video List
  • #Fix: show View Count in Blog listing
  • #Fix: Reply button click in comment form
  • #Fix: Cactus Ads message hides other admin messages
  • #Update: add Edit link in single Post/Page for Admin
  • #Update: support Youku Video

True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine intro
True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine video
True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine you can change based on things we do in the other ones. So, the first thing I typically do is come up to the Total Width. And since we're working with a 1200 pixel wide art board, I'll put in 1200, and then hit Tab. Now, one thing you'll notice is the very first bar here is spaced away from the left hand side. Its Offset is 20 pixels. On the right hand side, this is flushing up next to this item here. This is also taking into account the width of the gutter and the width of the column. Now, I want to come up here first and change the Offset.

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