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The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v3.5.1 - Free Download

The7-Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress-Theme-bitheme

The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is a spectacularly flexible and incredibly avant-garde, wonderfully pliable WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v3.5.1 update on Mar 31, 2016 is a top best selling theme for WordPress websitesThen we're going to count three points over toward the right, going in a clockwise motion, and every third point we're gonna pull that downequal distance between the third and fifth in this case, and setting that point in between those two. And then we'll count three more points,and then pull that down in between that point and the next point. And then we're going to repeat this process all the way around the circle.And then when you're done, we will have transformed our outermost polygon into a shape that looks like a gear.

UPDATE v3.5.1 Mar 31, 2016
New demo: Dance School.
Improvements to demo content package.
Added top and bottom paddings options for menu in classic header layout.
Improvements to fancy media shortcode.
Minor improvements and fixes for microwidgets.
Microwidgets will now accept custom code.
Fixed: issues with responsiveness in admin area.
Fixed: issue with menu scrolling on Android devices.
Fixed: issue with WC products overlay on touch devices.
Fixed: "Galelry – masony & grid" + AJAX options + "Private" post setting = JS error.
Fixed: WooCommerce product has two instances of H1 headers.
Minor improvements to styling of Contact Form 7.
Other minor improvements and fixes.

We'll move this into the center. Then I'll marquis select these two elements. Come over here to transform, and then we'll rotate this a little bit just so that i have a toot of the gear on the top, bottom, right and left. and then with the gear rotated, let's go back to the layers panel, let's select those two layers, let's right-click, put these in a group

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