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Iva - Multipurpose One Page Responsive Theme - Free Download

Iva - Multipurpose One Page Responsive Theme
Iva - Multipurpose One Page Responsive Theme is All-in-one, Multipurpose, Onepage and Retina Ready WordPress Theme! IVA consists of multiple amazing and unique pre-designed skins. With this WordPress Theme, as soon as you upload your images and add your own text, you are set to go. HTML Version of Iva theme was among top 5 most popular HTML themes for 4 weeks straight . It's currently set to 48 so we'll bring this down to 34. I'll hit tab twice. We'll bring the line spacing down to 32. Then I'll come back, select the text block, and using my arrow keys, I'll just arrow this down a little bit so that it optically fits within that negative space. Then over in the Layers panel, I'll select the rectangle which is the button border. Hold the Shift key, select the label. and then using my arrow keys and the shift key, I'll arrow this up. Now as I'm looking at this composition, I do want to have this background shape here, which is part of the shelf, to not intersect the button quite as much.

Version 1.3 – 26 May 2015
- Updated Visual Composer to latest version which fixes Grid module issue with carousel.
- Updated few color bugs on links
- Fixed issue where portfolio would not show all items when loader is turned off.
- Fixed iPad issue with images streching to much.
- Favicon bug fix.
- Updated Revolution Slider
- Added description field for team section that will show below each team member.

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