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Cabin – A Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Theme - Free Download

Cabin A Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Theme
Cabin – A Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Theme we do that, we can see all of the artwork showing up down here. I'll move my artboard up a little bit, and as you can see by the Bounding Box, the artwork is going all the way out to here. So, we're going to need to adjust all of these individual elements. So let's start first by moving our icons. So, back in the 768 layer group, let's open up Main. Let's select Icon Star. Let's click and drag this. You can move this up so it's in between the first four columns. However I do want to have the icons be a little smaller on the 768 sized artboard.

Version 1.5.1 – October 8th, 2015
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.7.4
- Updated Layer Slider to 5.6.2

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