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Masterstudy - Education Center WordPress Theme - Free Download

Masterstudy - Education Center WordPress Theme - Free Download
Masterstudy - Education Center WordPress Theme v1.4.4 is the best WordPress theme for the Education & Learning Center – for educational organizations, who sell courses and organise classes locally. Next I'll come over here and select the triangle. I'm going to hold down the Option key, and the Shift key. And I'm going to drag out a copy of the triangle and move that under the word Products. So once you have these created, let's go back to the Layers panel. Let's organize this a little bit. Let's come down here, and let's double-click the rectangle item. And let's rename this nav box. And then for the About Us, let's select this, hold the Shift key. Select the first triangle. So now with all three of these items selected, later on we're going to use the same layout for these items
Theme Version 1.4.4 – 03.02.2016
  • WooCommerce templates are updated
  • Minor bug fixes
Theme Version 1.4.3 – 19.01.2016
  • Revolution Slider is update
  • Visual Composer update
  • Import/Export Theme Options feature is added
  • Demo Content is updated
Masterstudy - Education Center WordPress Theme - Free Download1
So in order to reuse this content, we're going to come up here and convert this into a symbol. So we can see the Create Symbol up here on the Tool bar. Let's come up here and click this. And in the Layers panel, you'll see that this in now grouped into a purple group which indicates a symbol, versus a blue group, which is just a group of layers. Now let's come in here and rename this. So let's double-click on this symbol. And we'll call this nav. Now you may notice that our symbol only has the text and the triangles. We have not included the nav box.The nav boxes are going to be different sizes on different screens.
Masterstudy - Education Center WordPress Theme - Free Download2
Masterstudy makes it simple and hassle-free to build, customize and manage your site. And anything that we put into a symbol has to remain exactly the same across all instances. And we'll talk more about symbols later. And so now with our navigation in place, next we'll add the hero text.

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