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Chronos – Parallax One Page WordPress Theme - Free Download

Chronos – Parallax One Page WordPress Theme
Zoom up. Move the artboard, then I'll just grab this image and adjust the crop by moving this around. so once you've adjusted the featured image, let's come over here and click on the logo. With the logo selected, make sure the proportion lock is turned on. We want to scale this down to a height of about 65. Next we'll come over, select the nav box. We want to set the width of the nav box to 768. So I'll do this over here in the inspector panel, 768. Then hit Tab, we're going to set the height to 130 pixels.
Chronos – Parallax One Page WordPress Theme is a Modern and Creative premium WordPress Theme.Design Theme is made in a beautiful style. It is suitable for Personal Portfolio, Creative Agency, Designer Portfolio, Illustrator Portfolio, Photographer Portfolio and more.

We want to have this a little bit taller and the logo a little bit smaller, so we can move our navigation symbol under the logo. So come over here to the navigation element, select the nav, and let's just click and drag this, and move it over into place. I'll use my arrow keys to adjust this just a little bit. Then let's go back into the artboard. Let's find the hero. Let's click on this to select it. We'll move this into place. And before we make any additional adjustments, let's double-click on the text, hitting command A, and then in the inspector panel, let's come over and change the font size.

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