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PhoneRepair - Mobile, Tablet, Phone Repair Shop WP - Free Download

PhoneRepair - Mobile, Tablet, Phone Repair Shop WP
I'm going to hit Command G to create a phone store. PhoneRepair - Mobile, Tablet, Phone Repair Shop WP is Wordpress theme designed for phone repair shops and computer repair powered by an elite author.I'll rename this Lounge. We're going to save this out as a separate graphic later on. Then I'll select Orange Box, hold the Shift key, select all of these items, hit Command G again, and we'll name this entire group of elements Atmosphere. Then I can zoom out, turn off the layout grid, and now we can see the progress of our design so far. Now that this looks good, we'll start working on the next section.

We'll begin working on the next section which will be the How To Section. So I'll move my Artboard up a little bit. Let's come up to the Insert menu, let's add another Rectangle. I'm going to make this touch the orange rectangle from the atmosphere section. And then I'll make this about 320 pixels tall. Let's come over and turn off the Borders. For the Fill let's click on the Color swatch, let's come down here and set the red to 238, 233 for green, and 218 for blue.

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