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Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant, Cafe Bar HTML Free Download

Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant Cafe Bar
Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant, Cafe Bar we're going to keep this at Regular. We're going to set this to 16. Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant, Cafe Bar comes with fully responsive retro design. So, again, very similar to the settings we have up here, but instead, we're going to come down, and set the color to be white. So, with that in place, we're going to come over here to find a new text style. We'll call this Body - Reversed, then hit Return. So, now we have a body style of center, we have another body style of reverse, and since we can't nest or cascade styles in Sketch, we will be creating a third style for body with an alignment of left, and we'll be doing that in a few minutes.

UPDATE Version 2.0:
Adding responsive design. Before you update make sure that you have backup files. This version change the entire theme

Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant Cafe Bar detail
So, now with this in place, the next thing we want to do is add our call to action button, and we're going to use the same styling from the button we have up in the hero area. So, let's come over here to the Layers panel, let's toggle open the header, let's come down and toggle open the hero, and then I'm going to select rectangle three, hold the Shift key, I'm going to select the Get Advice. I'm going to copy these to the clipboard, then I'm going to come up here and select the text block, which is outside of the hero group and the header group.

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