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MAMA - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme - Free Download

MAMA - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme
MAMA - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme is a Minimal, Clean, Flexible and Fully Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme Developed by Jewel Theme. So we'll type Privacy Policy. Select this. For the hyperlinks, we want to show these in underlines. So, let's come over here and let's click on the options under Weight, and then choose underline. I'll move this over a little bit. Let's select privacy policy. I'm going to close this down a little bit and then hold the option key. Drag out another copy, space this out to about 40 pixels so we can see that this is evenly spaced between the first text block and the second.
03.10.2015—Version 2.0.2
+ Fixed: Google Map Display problem fixed
+ Fixed: Post Types Plugin activation problem fixed
+ Fixed: Section CSS alignment problem fixed

Let's double-click on MAMA - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme. And then we'll come in here and type Terms of Service. Click away, select the text block, I'll open his up a little bit. And now we have our three text blocks that are going to make up our footer. Now, we are going to want to use each of these text blocks in all of the other layouts, although we will change how they're positioned in relation to each other. So what we're going to do here is we're going to turn each of these text blocks into a symbol. So we'll select the first item here. Let's come up and choose Create Symbol.

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