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InteriArt - Furniture & Interior WordPress Theme - Free Download

InteriArt - Furniture Interior WordPress Theme
InteriArt - Furniture & Interior WordPress Theme is a Full solution for Interior, Architecture and Furniture site. This modern and flat theme is designed based on the latest bootstrap technology. Now the first thing you might try is double clicking and getting the e, then holding shift and selecting the letter t, and then up here in the toolbar, selecting this item here called Union. If I do that, and come up here and select Union, you'll see that I have a Union icon here showing up, which is represented by the squares being filled in with grey, but I'm still not getting the effect that I'm after. What needs to happen with the Union section, is that these layers need to be next to each other. So I'm going to come up here and undo what I just did.

UPDATE InteriArt - Furniture & Interior WordPress Theme Version 1.2.1 – march 22, 2016
     - Fix error : Email and social of header top not change.

InteriArt - Furniture Interior WordPress Theme detail
InteriArt - Furniture & Interior WordPress Theme come in here and select this item here, which I can see is the letter t. We're going to double click on this. I'm going to type t. Hit a return. Then I'll select the e. I'll come in here and rename that layer e. And now I will grab this layer, and drag it until it's above the letter e.Now we'll hold the shift key, select both of these items, then I'll come up here and click on Union. Now I'll get the desired effect where the negative space between the two letters, will actually be grouped together.

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