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Eyewear - Buy Sell Glasses Online Theme - Free Download

Eyewear - Buy Sell Glasses Online Theme
Let's turn our Layout of Eyewear - Buy Sell Glasses Online Theme is created for e-Commerce business and mostly for Single Category Product. Then over to the Insert panel, let's come down and insert another Rectangle. We'll use this as a mask. So in the upper left hand corner, about equidistant from the spacing of the image inside of the orange area, so about right here, we'll click and drag. And the width of this is going to be 2 1/2 column widths. So I want this to be about 228 pixels by about 130, then I'll let go, then back to the Insert menu.

Let's bring in an Image, let's go to Exercise Files, into our Photos folder, let's grab seating.jpg, click Open. Again, that'll take over the entire Artboard area. Let's select the Rectangle we just created, right click, choose Use as Mask. Now we'll select the image, let's zoom out so we can see the whole graphic, scale this down.

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