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Makery - Marketplace WordPress Theme - Free Download

Makery - Marketplace WordPress Theme
Makery - Marketplace WordPress Theme is a perfect theme for any martkeplace website. Once we get pretty close I'm going to hit the Z key. I'm going to hold the Z key down and then click and drag so I can create a custom zoom area. And now we'll continue to scale this down. I do want to flip this image, so with the image selected in the Properties panel let's come over here and flip this horizontally. Now with that in place, I'm going to hold the Space bar, let's move this over a little bit. Let's go back to the Insert menu, let's come down and choose Text, and with the Type tool selected I'm going to come in here and I'm going to click and drag.

UPDATE Makery - Marketplace WordPress Theme v1.14. on March 22, 2016
Added multiple shop categories
Added multiple product categories
Fixed variable product button
Fixed shipping error messages
Fixed shipping availability option

I'm going to make this three column widths wide plus the gutter space. Then for the text we'll type How, space To, : space Seating. I'm going to click away. Now just like we had earlier, we can see that this particular text block is now being controlled by this mask. So we'll come in here, right click, and choose Ignore Underlying Mask.

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