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Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant, Cafe Bar - Free Download

Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant Cafe Bar
Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant, Cafe Bar is great clean and stylish excellent for restaurant, bar, pub or bistro. Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant, Cafe Bar comes with fully responsive retro design. Now what's interesting here is, inside of Sketch these are still treated as individual elements. So I can still come in here and move these around and once I let go and click away, we'll still get these vectors behaving like they are, a single, united element. But for editing purposes they are still independent. So not only is this a nice feature when I'm editing, but when we do export this logo to svg, the United feature will actually write the svg as if this artwork were all one continuous path, giving us a much smaller and more optimized file that we can use on our websites.

UPDATE Version 2.0:
Adding responsive design. Before you update make sure that you have backup files. This version change the entire theme

Cooker - Responsive Online Restaurant Cafe Bar detail
So back here in my design, I'll come up here and just undo the move here. Next I'll come in here and select the layer for the v. Next for the h.Move these close to each other. Hold the shift key, select both. Choose Unite. Same thing for the e and the i. So I'll rename this one i. This one's the e. And then we'll repeat the process for all of the characters that overlap.

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