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Gonzo - Clean, Responsive WP Magazine

Gonzo - Clean, Responsive WP Magazine
Gonzo - Clean, Responsive WP Magazine is built with semantic HTML5/CSS3 and is completely responsive/retina-ready. Now, once we click away from the item, you'll notice that the item disappears. What's happening here is all of the items above the layer that we assigned to be a mask are now clipping in or being masked by our orange box. So, if we come over here and look at the Layers panel, we can see this little down arrow here for the image, which represents the fact that this image is being masked by this layer here, but we can also see the same thing happening to our type layer.

Version 1.9.7 Bug fix
includes/class/Tax-meta-class/ ***all files updated***

Gonzo - Clean, Responsive WP Magazine - intro
In order to get this item to ignore the mask, we're going to right click on this, come down, and choose Ignore Underlying Mask. Once we do that, the arrow on the left hand side will go away and now we can see our type showing up here. So, if you ever create any artwork after creating a mask and the artwork disappears, look over in your Layers panel, and just make sure that the item is not being clipped or masked into a previous defined mask layer. So, now with our headline created, I'm going to come up here and select this.

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