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SEVEN - Minimal Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - Free Download

SEVEN - Minimal Portfolio Agency WordPress Theme

Now before we start bringing over some of our content, we want to turn on our layout settings for the 768 artboard. So let's come over here to the Layers panel. Let's select the 768 artboard. With this selected, let's come up to the View menu, let's come down and choose Show Layout. Then we'll go back to the View menu and come down and choose Layout Settings. Now, this will probably pick up the settings that we set for our larger artboard. So we're going to come in here and make some adjustments for the 768 size. So we'll come in here, and we're going to set the width to 728.

SEVEN - Minimal Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme is a new portfolio concept for creative agencies and freelancers such as graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind of creative. Seven comes with Drag & Drop Page Builder (Visual Composer Premium). Now you are able to create a quick & easy portfolio that showcase your work with an enjoyable design having a distinctive and creative touch.

Update Log: 1st October 2015 v1.9

       - Bug Fix: Visual composer front-end editor issue.
- New feature: Logo in mobile navigation.
- Updated Visual Composer.

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