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Academia - Education Center WordPress Theme - Free Download

Academia - Education Center WordPress Theme
Academia - Education Center WordPress Theme is an incredibly thorough Education WordPress theme. Let's go back to our photos, let's choose lighting.jpg, click Open. Now this image is flipped because we flipped the other one. So with this selected let's go back and set this back to its original state so I'll click the horizontal flip again. Now I'll come in here and just scale this down a little bit. Use my Arrow keys and just position this exactly where I want it, inside of that Mask. Now we are going to be using these Heading Styles in the other layout for the 768 so let's come in here and select one of these.

Let's make a Text Style out of these as well. Let's come over here, let's come down to Create New Text Style, we'll name these h4. Then we'll come over here, select How To Seating, and make sure we assign this to h4 as well. And now with our images and text placed inside of this area, next we'll work on creating a style for a hyperlink to say learn more, under these. And we'll also design a pull quote to sit over here on the right hand side.

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