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Gon | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme - Free Download

Gon Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Gon | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is suitable for e-commerce websites. We have included multiple layouts for home page, product page to give you best selections in customization. Now the last two things we need to do for this section are to add in our hyperlinks for the calls-to-action, and add in a pull quote. So first let's add in our hyperlinks. Going to move the art board over here to the left, go up to the Insert Menu, let's insert a Text Object. Down here I'll click and drag. Then we'll type in Learn More, then we'll select this, Open Sans Bold, 16.
Version 1.1.2 - 22 Mar 2016
- Updated: Wishlist plugin
- Fixed: some css bugs

Let's come in here to the color. Let's use the document color orange down here. And now I also want these hyperlinks to be underlined, so I'm going to come back up here under the Weight Setting, under Options, let's click on this, and let's choose Underline. Then let's come over here, let's select the text block, hold the Option key and I'll drag a copy under the second text block here. And now to work on the pull quote, let's come over here to the right hand side of the how-to section.

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