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Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase

Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase
Now we have three blocks of content that are perfectly sized with each other and take up 1/3 of the amount of space on the horizontal with the same amount of spacing in-between each item and to the edge of the art board. And before we continue on, let's go back to the Layers panel. Let's select all of these text layers and the three icon groups. And let's put all of these into a group called main. Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase is a premium WordPress theme, designed specifically for App and SaaS companies, startups, product development companies, and businesses with a specific focus on lead generation, product and service showcasing as well as all the important features you need to make your business successful.

VERSION 1.1.1 – FEB 26, 2016

New Features
  • Added different cart icon options
  • Added option to hide cart icon
Updates & Fixes
  • Corrected styling for checkout table changes in WC 2.5
  • Corrected bug where cart icon appeared the wrong color
  • Corrected bug where menu font typography setting has no effect
  • Corrected bug with mailto links added as social media links
  • Fixed bug where sticky nav is overlapped by transparent header on scroll up
  • Corrected styling for top bar right margin
  • Improved support for Yoast SEO / Metabox plugin
  • Fixed tab wrap shortcode bug
  • Improved spacing for CTA with two buttons

Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase- responsive
Stratus - App, SaaS & Product Showcase- one click demo
Now we'll start working on the next section. This is going to be our atmosphere section. So, first, let's come back to our View button. Let's come down and turn on the Show Layout. Now, these layout rules are a little dark, so, let's come down here, let's come down to Layout Settings, let's come down here for the colors, let's click on the swatch for Light, and let's come in here, and let's just bring this down a little bit. So, I'll make these dark enough so you guys can see this on the video. You might want to actually make them much lighter based on your layout.

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