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SuperFine - Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template - Free Download

SuperFine - Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template
SuperFine is a Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template built using HTML5/CSS3 features and suitable for creative companies, agencies, and freelancers which need a professional way to showcase their projects, services, and sell their products. Let's come over to our Type. And then I'll come in here and set the font to Times. We'll keep this Italic, for the size, we're going to set this to 90. And for the Line Height, just so we make sure that we can see this, we're going to set this to 60. So now I can come over here and select this item. And for the color, let's come over here to the Color Swatch, let's set 210 for red, hit Tab, 187 for green, and then 105 for blue.

 SuperFine - Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template v1.1.1 – Nov. 18, 2015
--- New: Add Video background in section in any home page.
--- Update: uncompressed assets.js for more usability.
--- Update: Page transitions effects enhancements.
--- Fix: price square shape in pricing tables style 4 and 5.
--- Fix: fullscreen slider is now boxed in boxed layout.
--- Fix: Revolution Slider horizontal scroll issue on IE.

Now we can select this, I'm going to use my arrow keys, I'm going to move this up a little bit. So I'm going to optically space this in the upper left hand corner here. And then once I have that in place, I'm going to come down and grab the text block. I'm going to move this around a little bit, and just optically align this inside of this area. So now with these two elements in place, let's come up to the Insert Menu, let's add one more text block. This is going to be the citation or the attribute for the quote.

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