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BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v12.5 – Free Download

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v12.5 update on April 2, 2016. BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is the best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ever.we didn't make these into symbols because symbols cannot have different sizes as part of their instance properties. And we'll talk about that in a moment. So with the star selected, let's come over to the Inspector Property. Let's make sure these proportion lock is turned on for size. Let's come in here and let's set the width from 80 down to 60. We'll hit Tab. That will automatically set the height to 60. So this will be the size that we're going to use for the remaining artboards. So now I'll use my arrow keys and just get this right in the center of the four columns here.
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v12.5 – April 2, 2016
* Added: Portfolio - Single - Navigation Arrows - Sort as selected in the theme options
(works with: Date, Title, Menu Order - all items must have different 'order' values )
* Added: Form Submit & Button - Full Width (.button_full_width)
* Added: Column Shortcodes - 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6
* Fixed: Button Item - Size attribute
* Fixed: Google Chrome - Style Simple - Timeline Item & Shortcode
* Improved: Search Results - Display matching titles first
* Improved: Zoom Box - Center if small image was used
* Demos: NGO, Bistro

- functions.php
- single-portfolio.php
- style.css
- css/base.css
- css/responsive.css
- css/shortcodes.css
- functions/builder/fields.php
- functions/tinymce/plugin.js
- functions/theme-functions.php
- functions/theme-shortcodes.php
- includes/content-single-portfolio.php

Betheme even comes with image filters built-in with grayscale, blur, and sepia effects. A drag and drop builder, theme options panel, WooCommerce integration, and more feature in the theme. Betheme is full of different pre-defined demos so you can easily import any demo website within seconds at 1 click. Constantly we add new demos at users requests. So far we created websites for: electric, veterinarian, loan agency, charity agency, sitter, moving company, barber, health magazine, book writer, plumber, art agency, interior design company, webmaster, application, seo agency, university, event company, developer, car rental, band, gym, designer, marketing agency, hosting company, travel agency, real estate company, photographer, renovator, small business company, hotel, mechanic, lawyer, school, shop and much more. If you have own idea for great homepage, please do not hestitate and tell us about that. We consider all your ideas!

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Let's come over to the Layers panel. Let's select Icon Marker. Let's put on the lock. Now this particular icon is not a square, so let's come over here and change the height to 60, then hit Tab. And that will change the width to a property that's in proportion. Now we'll come down here, grab this. Let's move this up into place. We're going to put this in between the next four columns, which will be right about here. And we can see the smart guides will line this up as well. And we'll also use the Alignment tools in a moment, once we place the gear icon.

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