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KeySoft - WordPress Software Landing Page

KeySoft - WordPress Software Landing Page
KeySoft - WordPress Software Landing Page is a clean, creative and responsive WordPress landing page template for software , start-ups and mobile apps. Let's come up to the Insert panel. Let's come down to Shape, let's choose Rectangle. Now we'll come over here and draw a rectangle under the main section. Let's come down and let's make the height of this about 280 pixels. Using my arrow keys, I'm going to move this up a little bit. Now, with this new rectangle selected, let's come over to our fill, let's click on the Fill swatch, let's come down to document colors.

KeySoft - WordPress Software Landing Page 9 style
We're going to color it the same orange as the color that we're stroking our vector graphics with. Let's turn off the border properties. I'll delete them as well. So, now with this item selected, let's come back up to the Insert menu. Let's add a new rectangle that we're going to use as a mask for an image. So, let's come down here, let's get our cursor down about 20 or 30 pixels from the top. Then I'm going to click and drag and draw a rectangle here. Now this will want to snap to some of the other elements on the page, so I'll let go of the rectangle, then I'll go back, grab the side, and I want to snap this in to be half the width of the area of KeySoft - WordPress Software Landing Page here

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