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How to install beautiful Radcliffe theme

Now that I know which theme I want to use, I can download, install, activate and customize it all from right here inside Wordpress itself. Now, before I do so, let me briefly show you what I've done to the content of my site so you can try to do the same. You've already seen me add a series of different pages and for most of these pages, I've also added a featured image at the top. This is both so that when people visit the site, they'll see the couple right away and know they got to the right place and it's also because large images on a site always looks really nice and we're aiming for that nice, high quality look here because this is after all a wedding website.

I've also deliberately not done anything to the sidebar widgets. So right now, in 2015, I have a series of sidebar widgets here on the left hand side, that to be honest, makes no sense for the site. They're linking to places that have no content and generally, they have no purpose. So, if you choose to use 2015 as a continue, you need to go remove these widgets in the Customizer so that they don't clutter up your sidebar. However, when we switch to another theme, we may also have to go clean up the widgets anyway because sometimes, these widgets will kick in in other themes and on the other hand, there's also a chance we may be able to use the areas where widgets appear in the new theme to add some extra features.

But, enough talk. Let's install the new theme. Like I said, you can install the theme right from within Wordpress and to get there, we'll go to the Wordpress toolbar, hover over the site title and then click on themes. You can also navigate to the backend and go to appearance and themes. You're taken to the same place. On this themes page, you see all the themes that are currently installed in my version of Wordpress. And you can see here, I have five because I added Semone earlier. You also see which theme is currently active. It's this one, 2015 and if you click on the customize button right here, you're taken to the same theme customizer you can get to from the front end and the Wordpress toolbar.

I want to add a new theme, so I'm gonna click add new and go search for Radcliffe. Once I find the theme, I'll click Install. The theme is downloaded, unpacked and installed and now, I can either live preview it to do customization or I can just activate it right away, which is what I'll do. Once the theme is activated, I can jump to the front end and look at what my content looks like with this new theme right outta the gate. And here you see, the theme has a really nice look and feel to it. The site title has this rich typography that's quite unusual for this type of theme.

I also have a great menu with drop down options. I have very large featured images and my content, as you can see down here on the front page, also looks really nice. Great typography, nice large font, very easy to read. Now that I've installed the theme, I obviously need to do some customization work. My menu has fallen back to the default, which is just displaying each page in an alphabetical order and I may have to do something about these featured images because although it's not clear when you look at it, the image that's being used right now is not the ideal image for this particular theme.

So, we have to regenerate the thumbnails for this theme so that the theme has access to the proper size images.

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