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How to custom wedding theme

Based on the requirements we set out for this project, I went searching in the themes directory for some themes that would be befitting a wedding website. While there are many themes available that could be used for this site, I'd like to show you the three I think would work best right now. All feature clean and minimalist design, all display large images, all are content focused and have large and easy-to-read typography, and all are responsive and based on up-to-date coding standards and practices. After testing a myriad of themes extensively, I found that one of the themes that bubbled up on top was the default theme that WordPress comes with right now, Twenty Fifteen.

Out of the box, Twenty Fifteen looks pretty good, and you can further customize it using the customizer. For example, Twenty Fifteen allows you to change the color scheme, and it even comes with several different base color schemes to start from. So, if you want to try out the blue color scheme, you can simply switch it and see what that looks like, and then you can further adjust the color scheme using the different color pickers in the customizer. If you want to use Twenty Fifteen for the remainder of this course, you can, and you can go and customize it in any way you want. If you want to know more about how to customize this theme specifically, we actually have a course in the library that covers just that.

It's called "Start with a Theme: Twenty Fifteen", and it goes through all of the different customization options you have with this particular theme. The next theme I found that works really well is called Saga, and it was made by Justin Tadlock, a longtime contributor to WordPress, and he creates really good and solid themes.

Saga is interesting to me because it has really big images and great typography. It also handles things like menus in a different way, you can see the demo right here, and it has some extra child themes you can download if you want to.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Saga page, you see, here, you have three different child themes you can install on top of Saga to get a slightly different look. It's important to point out that Saga was built as a blogging theme specifically to tell stories. That's why it's called Saga, which, in Norse, and in my language, means "story". This means, even though we're not using the blog section in this course, if you later want to extend your site and add a blog section, this theme will work especially well.

The last theme I want to highlight is called Radcliffe, and it was created by Swedish designer, Anders Noren. Radcliffe, again, focuses on large images and great, bold typography. Just like Saga, it has this modern quality to it that really makes it stand out. In this course, we're gonna be using Radcliffe as our theme. However, because of the structure of the course, you can just as easily follow along using one of the other themes, Twenty Fifteen, Saga, or another theme you find in the library. I just think that this theme works really well for the content I have, and I think you'd be happy with it if you chose to use this one, as well.

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