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How to find a wedding wordpress theme

Themes allow us to change the appearance and display of the public face and contents of our WordPress site. Want your site to look a certain way? Find a theme that matches your needs, or build one yourself. The great thing about using WordPress to build websites is that there are so many themes available. Pretty much one for every conceivable need, but that sheer volume of available themes also makes it hard to navigate the landscape, let alone find the exact theme that is right for you. So, when looking for a theme for your site, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1.Make a list of requirements before you search.

This will help you narrow down your options quickly. We've already done this in this project, and it's important to do that every time you're looking for a new theme.

2.Know where to search.

There are hundreds of thousands of themes out there, and not all of them are published by reputable sources.

3.Be realistic

Third, realize there's a chance your ideal themedoes not exist. You have to be willing to either compromise or spend the time and money it takes to build a custom theme that is unique to you.

4.Read the documentation

Most themes allow a great deal of customization, but you have to know how to use them to get the most out of them. For our project, the requirements have already been clearly defined. I want a theme that has a clean and minimalist design. This is the current trend on the web, and especially when you're creating a website for a wedding or other type of special event. It's important to have a clean and minimalist design so that the message on the pages, and also the images, really stand out. Speaking of images, I want a theme that has large images and that puts the content in focus, and I also want large, easy-to-read, and welcoming fonts on the site, because the people that come to the site should feel welcome to all the content and welcome to the wedding,and they should also feel like it's easy to read that content. That also means my theme has to meet the base requirements of all websites today. It has to be responsive, it has to be mobile-first so it's easy to use and navigate on on a mobile device, and it has to follow modern web standards.
The next step is knowing where to look. I am a firm proponent of the open nature of WordPress when it comes to themes. That means that whenever possible, I will look for truly open themes that follow strict WordPress guidelines, and the best place to find these themes is in the WordPress theme directory. You can access the WordPress theme directory on the web at or you can access right from within the admin panel of your WordPress site. Simply go to the admin panel, navigate down to Appearance and Themes, and from here, click Add New, and you have direct access to all the themes that are available from
From here, you can filter based on popularity, featured status, a text search, or by checking off various tags. Once you find a theme that looks promising, you can click it to see more information and see a preview, which, to be honest, makes most themes look really dull, and visit the theme website to get more information. Installing and activating a theme is done directly from this view. Simply find the theme you want to install, and click the Install button.
WordPress will now download, unpack, and install the theme, and from here you can choose to either live preview it to see what your content will look like with this new theme, or activate it directly so that you can switch it on the front end right away. In addition to the WordPress theme directory, you can also get premium, for-pay themes from theme foundries all over the web. Some of these are great.Others, let's say, they are sub-optimal. Sadly, it's hard for new users to know which is which. Presently, if you're looking for a premium themewith more features, my recommendation is to check out Genesis' and also Carry Dils' courses in the WordPress DIY series. Genesis is well-supported, follows WordPress standards, and has a large and friendly community of supporters. But, I digress. In this course, we'll use a free theme from the WordPress theme directory, and in the next movie, I'll show you which one.

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